Ecological Practices
At Stonebridge we believe that it's up to builders and industry professionals to lead the way in sustainable building. It is imperative that we build with sustainability in mind, and in a way that strives to reduce the amount of waste generated and energy used in building new homes, and living in them. Stonebridge is committed to implementing ecological practices, regardless of whether the home is conventional in design and construction, built using the latest in alternative and green building techniques, or a harmonious hybrid of both.

Certified Sustainable Building Advisor Canadian Home Builders Association

This is what we will do for your project as part of our basic service:

  • Site specific design
  • Minimal site disturbance during excavation whenever possible
  • Reduce concrete use
  • Minimize trucking of material on and off site
  • Reduce water consumption with low flow fixtures, and thoughtful drain and supply line configurations
  • Advanced framing to minimize thermal bridging and material use
  • Careful window and door installation to maximize building envelope performance
  • The use of quality conscious and efficient trades and suppliers
  • Electrical and lighting design that reduces energy use wherever possible
  • Conscientious insulation choices and installations
  • Local trades and materials
  • Low VOC finishes and coverings to improve indoor air quality
  • Options on reclaimed wood for finishing elements
  • Solar ready provisions
  • Reuse and recycle site waste whenever possible
  • Provide a clean and orderly jobsite

Some further options to make your home more sustainable:

  • Passive design techniques for thermal gain and natural ventilation
  • Careful use and sorting of site soils, aggregates, and timber
  • Insulated concrete forms
  • Super insulated foundation walls and slabs
  • Super insulated wall and roof systems
  • Advanced framing
  • Blower door tests to improve building performance
  • Continuous exterior insulation
  • Paint on vapour barriers
  • Heat recovery ventilators
  • High efficiency HVAC systems
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Grey water recycling and rainwater collection
  • Solar thermal and Solar PV
  • Geothermal heating, cooling, and power generation
  • Wind power generating
  • The use of sustainably certified building products
  • The use of reclaimed wood or other reused building materials
  • Installation of life time lasting roofing and other exterior cladding
  • Low water use landscaping

There are a multitude of options out there to “green” your home, and we can guide you to make an informed choice. Ultimately our Ecological Practices will help to provide you with the most sustainable home possible, within your budget and built for your lifestyle.     250.868.7164   250.863.8828